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BIG news from Bittersweet

Does anyone know our most frequently asked question?

I'll bet some of you may have guessed what I'm about to say. If you answered, "Do you have a storefront?" you are correct!! Up until now, our answer was, "Sadly, no we do not." But...

That's right!!!!

Bittersweet Farm is opening a store!

Not just a tea store either, a bistro!

So, what is in store for you all in our new place?

Tea, of course! By the bag, by the scoop, and by the cup! You can take a cup to go or sit in our bistro and enjoy it there. We'll also be serving up coffee and coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

Hungry? We've got you! We'll be making hot panini or cold sandwiches and wraps, salads, and seasonal soups using local ingredients from CT farms. Local bread from an artisanal bakery, honey for that cup of tea from a local apiary, cookies and sweets...

Need a spot to have your book club meeting, Mahjong game, or a place to snatch up some free wi-fi and get some work done? Want to order online and grab your lunch to go? Tea tastings and small parties? Need a cozy chair to curl up in?

Welcome to Bittersweet Bistro!

176 Rt. 81 Building 5, Killingworth

For those of you that have been our loyal customers, you have followed along as our business has grown and changed. We started way back in 2015 with just 3 types of tea. Our customers expressed a desire for other medicinal teas, caffeinated teas, iced teas, etc., and that helped us grow and adapt to the needs of our community. We expanded to selling wholesale to other stores, vending at bigger shows, and growing our returning customer base.

To be honest, I am equally excited as I am terrified! There are so many details, so many legalities, so many balls to keep up in the air, but I am so grateful to have this opportunity.

I can't wait to open the doors and welcome you all in, chat with everyone, serve up some healthy, local food, and give you all a place to shop our full and complete line of tea and seasonal products!

Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram, as we repaint, decorate, shop, organize, and move in, and of course, stay glued for our opening day and ribbon-cutting announcement!

(Late summer)

Be well,

Kristy at Bittersweet (Bistro!)

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