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Lemon balm, chocolate mint, peppermint, and rose petals

Hello! I'm not about to do anything crazy like promise that this blog will be a weekly thing... After recently celebrating my 44th spin around the sun, I've learned a few things about myself and one is that if I can't figure out how to write a bunch of posts at once and set them to post on a schedule, I will be inconsistent with this blogging effort. Truthfully, I've always wanted to blog my days at Bittersweet and the farmers market that I run, with a bit of personal and a lot of funny sprinkled in. Not only do I think that blogs are fun to read if they are about topics that interest you, I feel that you can learn a fair bit from them and if written well, it can be like reading a small autobiography. The other truth is that before I was a gardener, herbalist, and small business owner, I was a writer. My first love, you could say, was writing. My degrees are in English and Literature, and my first 'fancy' job was "assistant editor' and writer at a newspaper.

So, what CAN you expect from this blog? I'd say a fair dose of gardening, harvesting herbs, tea making, product chatter, farmers market goings on, and the trials and tribulations of running a small business. If this is interesting, then welcome! I hope you stay.


Somewhere on this website, there's a place for you to subscribe to these blog posts. You'll get a notification when I post something new, or you can randomly check my website and pop in on your own accord. For now, I will leave this one as is and work on my next post which will focus on the beginnings of harvesting herbs this season, the opening of the farmers market, and the daily ramblings of Bittersweet Farm! Feel free to tell me what you'd like to see in these blogs - send me some topic ideas!

Be well,
Kristy @ Bittersweet
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