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Meet The Team


"...concentric circles of healing [start] with ourselves, our friends, our family, circling outwards to our communities and from there into the bigger circles of the world." ~ Rosemary Gladstar ~

How Our Story Began
...and the mini-story of how we got our name

naming of bittersweet _edited.jpeg

In 2015, my family and mother moved onto a small farm because I had a dream of running my own farm one day. On moving day, my mother and then 9-year-old daughter took a break from unpacking and I found them outside making a wreath from bittersweet vines that surrounded what was to be our new garden fence. My mother, a master gardener before there was such a thing, could make a wreath out of anything you gave her. So, they proudly hung this wreath on our new front door and we went about settling in. Months later, as I was planning my veggie and small animal farm, I asked the living room at large what we should name our farm. Needless to say, it was immediately unanimous. 

During our first few years in business, we sold crop shares, raised small animals, and sold at farmers markets. A tea or two found their way onto our market tables and into our weekly crop share boxes and they were a hit! As those years passed, I studied herbs and practiced blending teas and received so much positive feedback. People felt that this was something they needed and wanted, and I enjoyed the entire process so much that our farm and business slowly transitioned away from crop shares and into tea. By 2019, we were all tea, all the time, yet our name was still Bittersweet Farm. It wasn't until 2021 when I was meeting with business moguls and advisors that they suggested that the name of our business didn't fit what we did, for a few reasons. We mulled this over, tossed out many ideas, and decided that we would transition to Bittersweet Tea Company, although we are still technically a farm and grow many herbs here for our teas. Eventually, we thought that we would lose the name 'Bittersweet' altogether, as it doesn't quite seem like a word that goes with a cup of tea. Generally, I make any changes in the winter and roll out anything new before spring hits so I sat with this idea over the 2022 holidays and into the first of the year. Then, in mid-January '23 (as I write this it was only 2 weeks ago), my mother passed away unexpectedly. To say that I am heartbroken and a little bit lost would be an understatement. But now, as I design a new website and roll out the idea of 'Bittersweet Tea Company' I know in my heart that that will remain our name. My mother was an entrepreneur herself and her knowledge, guidance, support, and downright cheerleading gave me the courage to start this business 7 years ago. I will never forget my mother and daughter making that wreath and then proudly shouting out the name 'Bittersweet Farm.'

That is how we began this adventure, and that is how we shall remain.

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