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a tea company

from our farm to your mug

Handcrafted in small batches.
Locally grown herbs.

Unique recipes.


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Most of our teas are available year-round, but we also like to move with the seasons. Currently, you'll find winter blends in our shop - full of spicy, robust teas and hearty immune boosters. Springtime brings renewal and with that, you'll find fresh, flowery blends and teas with citrus and lighter flavors. Summer brings about our line of iced teas, along with our recipe to brew the perfect batch for your back porch or summer party. The holidays are their own season in our tea shop and feature some of our all-time favorite blends. 

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We've been making stovetop simmers for over 5 years, yet thanks to the concept of a simmer pot going viral this past winter, they are more popular than ever!! We've just added 3 new scents for winter, along with our regular line that is available all year. Like the teas, we feature different scents that change with the seasons. Who says you can't have a simmer pot going on a cool spring or summer evening? Fall is when the simmers really start to shine, right through the holidays and into the winter months. 

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Did you know that we offer custom blends? Whether you are looking for a tea you remember but can't find, or you have a special request for a medicinal tea that we don't currently offer... feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you! For our wholesale customers and store accounts, we also offer signature blends that are unique to your store. 

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