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Bittersweet Bistro Menu

We offer a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, teas, coffees, breakfast items, and tasty treats! All meats and cheese are Boar's Head®*. All baked goods from 3 local bakers. All produce is from various local farms (when seasonally available) and our teas are from Bittersweet Farm. Retail products are from local CT businesses. 


Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri. Sat. -

8AM - 3PM

Sun - 10AM - 2PM



Seasonal Specials

These items are perfect for the season. Hurry and get them before the seasons change!








Signature Bistro Sandwiches

A diverse range of flavorful sandwiches which are all sourced locally.

Cup of Soup with Half-A-Sandwich image

Cup of Soup with Half-A-Sandwich

A cup of soup served with half of one of our delicious Signature Bistro Sandwiches.


Salad with Half-A-Sandwich image

Salad with Half-A-Sandwich

A salad served with half of one of our delicious Signature Bistro Sandwiches.


The Catcher on the Rye image

The Catcher on the Rye

Hot panini sandwich with Boar's Head Simplicity®* Roasted Turkey, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado on Rye Bread.


Stuart Little image

Stuart Little

Traditional grilled cheese made with American cheese on Italian white bread.


The Hobbit image

The Hobbit

Cheddar cheese, Mixed greens, Shredded carrots, Onions, Microgreens, Tomato, Avocado, Diced peppers, and Homemade Garlic mayo on Country wheat bread.


The Godfather image

The Godfather

Grilled Chicken Panini with strips of White chicken, Tomato, Mozzarella, Spinach, and Homemade Pesto on Italian panini bread.


The Grapes of Wrath image

The Grapes of Wrath

Homemade chicken salad (with Grapes), Mixed greens, Tomato, and Cucumbers on Sourdough bread.


The Old Man and the Sea image

The Old Man and the Sea

Homemade Tuna salad (Solid white tuna), Lettuce, Tomato on Country wheat bread.


Julius Caesar image

Julius Caesar

Chicken Caesar salad wrap with Shredded lettuce, Creamy Caesar dressing, Croutons, and Parmesan cheese on your choice of wrap.


The Frank-en-stein image

The Frank-en-stein

Boar's Head®* London Broil Top Round Roast Beef, Provolone cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo on white Italian bread.


Animal Farm image

Animal Farm

Italian combo (Boar's Head Simplicity®* Genoa, Pepperoni, Boar's Head Simplicity®* All-Natural uncured ham), Lettuce, Tomato, Provolone cheese, Seasoned oil and vinegar on Italian bread.


War and Caprese Melt image

War and Caprese Melt

Mozzarella, Tomato, Homemade Pesto, Balsamic drizzle on Italian bread.- toasted on the panini press.


The Ham-Let image

The Ham-Let

Boar's Head Simplicity®* All-Natural ham, Vermont cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Homemade Spicy mayo aioli on Italian Bread.


Signature Bistro Salads

Bittersweet Bistro's signature salads are delicious and made with locally sourced ingredients!

Caesar Salad image

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, Diced white chicken, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons, Creamy Caesar dressing.


Garden Salad image

Garden Salad

Romaine lettuce, Tomato, All the veggies, Microgreens.


Chef's Salad image

Chef's Salad

Romaine lettuce, Meat and cheese roll-ups, Tomatoes, Diced peppers, Shredded carrots, Avocado, Cucumbers, and Onions.


Build Your Own - Sandwich or Salad

Build your own sandwich or salad how you want it using our delicious locally sourced ingredients!

Build Your Own Sandwich w/ Meat image

Build Your Own Sandwich w/ Meat

Build your own sandwich and choose your bread or wrap, meat, cheese, toppings, and dressings/spreads from our selection of local ingredients.


Build Your Own Sandwich w/o Meat image

Build Your Own Sandwich w/o Meat

Build your own sandwich and choose your bread or wrap, cheese, toppings, and dressings/spreads from our selection of local ingredients.


Build Your Own Salad image

Build Your Own Salad

Build your own salad and choose your base, protein (optional), cheese, toppings, and dressings from our list of local ingredients!



Here you will find our bakery items made with love from our local bakeries.

Scones image


Delicious scones with flavors varying each week. Stop by to try this weeks flavors!


Muffins image


A tasty selection of muffins from the local bakeries!


Biscotti image


Delectable Biscotti from a local bakery!


Cookies image


Mouth watering variety of cookies made at a local bakery!


Gluten-Free Biscotti image

Gluten-Free Biscotti

The same great tasting biscotti but Gluten-Free!



Enjoy one of our many drink choices! Bittersweet Farm tea and coffee made in house. Grab your favorite and add an extra flavor shot for $0.25/shot!

Tea image


We have over 50 blends of tea from Bittersweet Farm for you to select! Teas can be made hot or iced. Check back daily to see what flavor we brewed!





Cappuccino image


Made with one shot of espresso, milk, and a layer of foam on top.


Mocha Latte image

Mocha Latte

Made with a swirl of chocolate syrup, one shot of espresso, milk, and foam. Add a flavor shot, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or whipped cream.


Mochaccino image


Chocolate syrup, cocoa, one shot of vanilla, one shot of espresso, milk, and foam.


Coffee image


Locally roasted coffee, brewed in-house. You can get it hot or iced!





Cold Brew Coffee image

Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoy a cold brew coffee made with local ingredients and made in house!





Espresso image


Enjoy a single or double shot to help get you through the day!





Chai Tea Latte image

Chai Tea Latte

Bittersweet’s own Chai mix, steeped in hot milk.


London Fog Tea Latte image

London Fog Tea Latte

Earl grey tea, a shot of vanilla, and warmed milk.


Iced Tea- Check for today's flavor  image

Iced Tea- Check for today's flavor

Stop by and try our delicious iced tea, brewed with tea from Bittersweet Farm!





Foxon Park Sodas image

Foxon Park Sodas

Delicious locally sourced sodas! Stop by to see what flavors we have this week!


Bottled Water image

Bottled Water

Grab a refreshing bottle of water!


The Downeaster Alexa image

The Downeaster Alexa

Try our own tasty creation: an Arnold Palmer made with Bittersweet's own Good Vibes tea and Simply Lemonade!






Light breakfast options, wraps, bagels, protein yogurt bowls…

*Boar's Head Simplicity line of meats are from humanely raised animals, with no antibiotics, no nitrates, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no MSG, no hormones, gluten free, and milk free.

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